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Exploring aviation’s climate impacts: ECATS Summer School ’23

In the heartland of Bavaria, Germany, history and innovation converged at the ECATS 2023 Summer School. The Blumenthal Castle served as an inspiration for the attendees, as a former battlefield, to address, this time, the fight against the strongest enemy of all: climate change. A captivating event that took place from September 2-8, 2023 and brought together some of the brightest young minds in science and engineering under a common theme: “Climate Impacts of Aviation”.

Abolfazl Simorgh and Raúl Quibén, two of the PhD students at the Aircraft Operations Lab, had the opportunity to participate in the Summer School. They were able to investigate the impact of aviation on the environment with a wider context of their work in relation to the work of others, and to step away from their day to day research and think about the wider problems for aviation today and tomorrow.

“We had to do group assignments, and were challenged to come up with revolutionary ‘out of the box’ ideas on sustainability and how to convince the scientific and general public that these measures are really necessary and/or effective”, says Raúl Quibén about his experience.

The topics covered aerospace engineering (design, combustion), chemical engineering (fuels, LCA)​, climate science​, economics and regulation, new concepts such as super and hypersonic transport, and the industry perspective.​

The ECATS Summer School 2023 was an opportunity for growth, learning, and collaborative innovation and we are proud to have participated.

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