The FlyATM4E project, “a SESAR success story”

One of the SESAR Exploratory Research projects in which the Aircraft Operations Lab has participated to address the climate impact of aviation is FlyATM4E. The project studied flight data during different weather scenarios, as well as vertical and horizontal flight paths, to identify climate-optimised aircraft trajectories. The optimisation process showed a potential reduction of non-CO2Continue reading “The FlyATM4E project, “a SESAR success story””

Green light to two new Digital European Sky projects

The Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M is taking part in two of the 48 projects selected by the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking in its Digital European Sky research and innovation programme. Creating a smarter and more sustainable air traffic management in Europe is the objective of this programme. To this end, SESAR 3 JU has selected theContinue reading “Green light to two new Digital European Sky projects”