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  • Manuel Soler: “Use of AI in aeronautics requires ad hoc legislation”

    In line with the European Mobility Week and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Aircraft Operations Lab, represented by Manuel Soler, participated in an online session on September 22nd organised by UC3M. The session addressed the challenge “Inteligencia Artificial para una LOGÍSTICA más eficiente” (Artificial Intelligence for more efficient logistics)…

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  • European Mobility Week: ‘Artificial Intelligence for More Efficient Logistics’

    The Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) in collaboration with the Asociación Empresarial Leganés Tecnológico organise the event “10 UC3M R&D&I Challenges to innovate together” in its fourth edition, as part of European Mobility Week. The event is aligned with working towards the Sustainable Development Goals to address the most…

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  • 14th European Researchers’ Night

    On September 29 and 30 the Carlos III University of Madrid organized once again the 14th edition of the European Researchers’ Night. A scientific outreach event aimed at audiences of all ages that takes place on the same weekend across Europe. Manuel Soler, from the Aircraft Operations Lab participated on…

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  • The main objectives of the RefMap project

    RefMap is a project funded by the European Union’s HORIZON Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement number 101096698. The project involves the Aircraft Operations Lab of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid as a member of the consortium. RefMap strives to minimize the environmental impact of air travel for…

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  • KAIROS launch video raises awareness about the project

    We are thrilled to share the outreach success of the KAIROS teaser video! The video created by our communication and dissemination team at the Aircraft Operations Lab showcasing the project’s aim has become a powerful tool for raising awareness about the KAIROS project, gaining more than 700 views on social…

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  • E-CONTRAIL teaser video featured in SESAR 3 JU e-news

    Our E-CONTRAIL project teaser video has been featured in the SESAR 3 JU June newsletter and website, showcasing the project’s innovative approach to using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for the prediction of contrails and aviation induced cloudiness. E-CONTRAIL holds a great potential for reducing aviation’s contribution to climate change and…

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  • URJC seminar about sustainable aviation

    One of the main challenges in the aerospace sector is achieving a sustainable future for global air traffic. In order to address this issue, a seminar about sustainable aviation was organized by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) on 1 and 2 March. It took place at the Fuenlabrada Campus…

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  • #HiloTesis: Promoting scientific dissemination on Twitter

    The #HiloTesis competition is an initiative of Crue Universidades Española in collaboration with RedDivulga. It aims to foster the development of communication and scientific dissemination skills in future or recent PhDs. Among the participants, we find three talented members of the Aircraft Operations Lab, who have taken up the challenge…

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