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Winners of the XXVIII ENAIRE Foundation Awards!

The Aircraft Operations Lab has won the Aeronautical Innovation Award (Luis Azcárraga), one of the five categories of the XXVIII ENAIRE Foundation Awards (Premios Aeronáuticos Fundación ENAIRE).

The Aeronautical Innovation Award (Luis Azcárraga) is granted annually and recognises works, studies or projects that make a unique contribution to air transport in terms of planning and organisation, economic and administrative management, environmental impact and preservation, as well as research and technological innovation.

In this edition, 12 works were presented and the jury awarded the prize to our team, formed by the PhD candidates Fateme Baneshi and Abolfazl Simorgh, and the Professor Manuel Soler, for our work entitled Conflict assessment and resolution of climate-optimal aircraft trajectories at network scale.

The jury valued the remarkable impact of this research on algorithms for the planning of climate-optimal aircraft trajectories at network scale, as well as the potential of its possible application for the reduction of the carbon footprint of aviation, which is essential in the fight against climate change.

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