Aircraft Trajectory Optimization

How can we enhance Trajectory Based Operations in a world of increasing uncertainty and environmental concern?


Trajectory Optimization and Climate change

The identification of eco-efficient aircraft trajectories is a key element in order to mitigate one of the biggest problems of our era: the fight against human pollution and climate change.

Trajectory Optimization under Meteorological uncertainty

Improvement in the ATM system predictability has been identified as paramount to achieve a paradigm shift aiming at enhancing its environmental impact, capacity, safety and efficiency. All ATM system actors, including pilots, air traffic controllers, airlines, dispatchers, air navigation service providers, meteorological offices, and the Network Manager, are daily facing the effects of uncertainty. In order to increase system capacity while maintaining high safety rates and improving overall performance, it is necessary to reduce the levels of uncertainty in air traffic management and, to the extent possible, find new strategies to cope with and ultimately reduce uncertainty.

Optimal control methods with application to flight planning

We explore new approaches to tackle aircraft trajectory optimization problems. These ranges for analytical and numerical approaches to solve optimal control problems to heuristics and metaheuristics.