PhD supervision

Combined methodologies
  • Experimental
  • Computational
  • Technological
Diverse environment
  • Multidisciplinar
  • Intersectorial
  • International
PhD students’ profile

They need to be willing to find disruptive solutions to problems of high impact and interest in the field of aerospace engineering.

Manuel Soler
Carreer opportunities

Doctors’ future is often linked to universities and research centers, they can also become part of the Aerospace R&D sector or be the creators of technology-based companies through patents and/or registered software as direct outcomes of the research.

PhD theses under supervision

  • Aniel Jardines: «Applying machine learning techniques to improve ATFM operations during convective weather». Supervisor: Manuel Soler (UC3M) – Fluid mechanics group UC3M. Currently working at INTEL·MET.

  • Shumpei Kamo«Robust Aircraft Trajectory Optimization and its Extension to Arrival Sequencing Considering Weather Forecast Uncertainties». Advisor Prof.: Manuel Soler (UC3M). Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hartmut Fricke (Dresden University) – PhD program at Dresden University.

  • Alejandra Martín Frías: «Implementation and analysis of climate models in a commercial flight planning optimization system. Development of a climate cost function and proposal of environmental policies for operators». Supervisors: Raimund Zopp (Flightkeys) & Manuel Soler (UC3M). – PhD in Aerospace Engineering UC3M. Currently working at Flightkeys.

  • Remi Chevallier: «Evaluation and Minimization of airlines operations climate impact by Trajectory Optimization». Supervisors: Daniel Delahaye and Manuel Soler. – PhD program at ENAC. PhD Student CIFRE Airbus in Airline Science.

Supervised PhD theses

  • Eduardo Andrés Endériz: «A pilot/dispatcher support tool based on the enhanced provision of thunderstorm forecasts considering its inherent uncertainty». Supervisors: Manuel Soler (UC3M), Manuel Sanjurjo-Rivo (UC3M) and Maryam Kamgarpour (University of British Columbia). Currently working at AIRBUS.
  • Daniel González Arribas: «Robust Aircraft Trajectory Optimization under Meteorological Uncertainty». Supervisors: Manuel Soler and Manuel Sanjurjo. Co-Funded by HALA! Reserach Network (SESAR WP-E within FP7). Defended 4th July, 2019. Sobresaliente Cum Laude. Currently working at IENAI Space.
  • David Morante González«Hybrid Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimization of Low-Thrust Space Mission Design». Supervisors: Manuel Sanjurjo and Manuel Soler. Defended 15th January, 2020. Sobresaliente Cum Laude. Currently working at Deimos Space.
  • Daniele Mazzota«Probabilisitc Conflict Detection and Resolution and Storm Avoidance using Differential Algebra». Supervisors: Manuel Soler and Lorenzo Casalino (POLITO). Joint Supervision UC3M-POLITO. Defended 19th July, 2019. Currently working at Eldor Group.