What happened in the Aircraft Operations Lab?

Manuel Soler: “Use of AI in aeronautics requires ad hoc legislation”

In line with the European Mobility Week and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Aircraft Operations Lab, represented by Manuel Soler, participated in an online session on September 22nd organised by UC3M. The session addressed the challenge “Inteligencia Artificial para una LOGÍSTICA más eficiente” (Artificial Intelligence for more efficient logistics) and highlighted AI’s pivotal role…

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European Mobility Week: ‘Artificial Intelligence for More Efficient Logistics’

The Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) in collaboration with the Asociación Empresarial Leganés Tecnológico organise the event “10 UC3M R&D&I Challenges to innovate together” in its fourth edition, as part of European Mobility Week. The event is aligned with working towards the Sustainable Development Goals to address the most relevant challenges in open innovation,…

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14th European Researchers’ Night

On September 29 and 30 the Carlos III University of Madrid organized once again the 14th edition of the European Researchers’ Night. A scientific outreach event aimed at audiences of all ages that takes place on the same weekend across Europe. Manuel Soler, from the Aircraft Operations Lab participated on Friday, September 29, from 11:15…

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Exploring aviation’s climate impacts: ECATS Summer School ’23

In the heartland of Bavaria, Germany, history and innovation converged at the ECATS 2023 Summer School. The Blumenthal Castle served as an inspiration for the attendees, as a former battlefield, to address, this time, the fight against the strongest enemy of all: climate change. A captivating event that took place from September 2-8, 2023 and…

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