The Aircraft Operations Lab at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) engages in a continuous screening process to identify highly qualified candidates to join their team. The group actively seeks individuals who are passionate about aerospace engineering, in particular aircraft operations, and demonstrate exceptional academic and research abilities.

We encourage talented individuals at various stages of their careers, from Ph.D. candidates and postdocs to experienced researchers, to apply for positions within the group or directly contact us to show interest. Successful candidates are given opportunities to pursue advanced degrees, including PhDs and postdoctoral positions, or to join as faculty members. The group values diversity and inclusivity and welcomes applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. By continuously seeking talented individuals, the Aircraft Operations Lab at UC3M ensures to be at the forefront of cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of aerospace engineering.

  • Internships at AI Methods & Aircraft Operations Lab

    We offer two internship opportunities as Data Analyst and Data Engineer at the company AI Methods to be combined with a final Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis at the Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M.

    Application for Data Analyst internship

    Application for Data Engineer internship

  • MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023
    • Postdoc position: MSCA postdoctoral fellowship 2023 to join the Aircraft Operations Lab on on research topics related to mitigating the climate impact of aviation.

    Open application

  • PhD Open Positions – UC3M

    3 PhD vacancies related to the prediction of adverse weather events and climate impact using neural networks. Positions linked to the recently granted National Projects STORM-ATS and Intelmet-PoC.

    Closed application

  • Open position for the management and scientific coordination of the REFMAP project

    Scientific-Technical Activities Staff. Reference number 2023/162 – REFMAP Project (Reducing Environmental Footprint through transformative Multi-scale Aviation Planning)

    Closed application

  • YUFE4Postdocs calls to research on urban opportunities and challenges

    The YUFE Alliance opens two postdoc calls (April 2023 and October 2023) for which UC3M offers 3 postdoc positions in each one. In the Aircraft Operations Lab we are looking for potential candidates.

    1st call’s pre-announcement: 17th February 2023

  • Grants for pre-doctoral contracts for the completion of doctoral thesis in Spanish Universities

    Resolution of the Presidency of the State Research Agency approving the call for early processing, for the year 2022, of the grants for pre-doctoral contracts for the training of doctors. This grant is part of the State Training Sub-programme of the State Programme to Develop, Attract and Retain Talent, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023.

    Closed application

  • Call for “la Caixa” Foundation Scholarships 2023

    “La Caixa” Foundation is offering 100 grants for postgraduate studies at universities or higher research centres in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), North America or Asia-Pacific, and 65 INPhINIT doctoral scholarships for young research talent in two modalities.

    Application for postgraduate studies: closed

    Application for INPhINIT doctoral scholarships: closed

  • Grants for University Teacher Training (FPU)

    Grants for pre-doctoral contracts to carry out doctoral theses in Spanish universities. These grants are aimed at research training in doctoral programmes leading to a doctoral degree and the acquisition of university teaching skills in any area of scientific knowledge.

    Closed application