What is ROOST?

The Python Library ROOST is a software package developed by UC3M. ROOST is a tool for robust flight planning within the currently structured airspace. The main features of ROOST are:

  • Integrates horizontal and vertical decision-making
  • Achieves a fast performance thanks to GPU-based parallelization
  • Considers climb, cruise, and descent phases
  • Incorporates uncertainty in meteorological variables, as well as initial flight time and initial flight mass.
  • License: ROOST is released under GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPLv3).
  • Citation info:
    • González-Arribas, D., Baneshi, F., Andrés, E., Soler, M., Jardines, A., & García-Heras, J. (2023). Fast 4D flight planning under uncertainty through parallel stochastic path simulation. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 148, 104018.
    • Simorgh, A., Soler, M., González-Arribas, D., Linke, F., Lührs, B., Meuser, M. M., Dietmüller, S., Matthes, S., Yamashita, H., Yin, F., Castino, F., Grewe, V., and Baumann, S.: Robust 4D Climate Optimal Flight Planning in Structured Airspace using Parallelized Simulation on GPUs: ROOST V1.0, EGUsphere [preprint],, 2022.
  • Support: Support of all general technical questions on ROOST, i.e., installation, application, and development, will be provided by Daniel González Arribas and Abolfazl Simorgh (
  • Core developer team: Daniel González Arribas, Abolfazl Simorgh, Eduardo Andrés Enderiz, Manuel Soler.

Copyright (C) 2022, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid