Comunidad de Madrid Awards Three Industrial Doctorate Fellowships to the UC3M Aerospace Engineering Group

The UC3M Aerospace Engineering group to which the Aircraft Operations Lab belongs is proud to announce the receipt of three industrial doctorate fellowships from the Comunidad de Madrid (CAM). These fellowships signify a vital link between academic research and real-world industry experience, offering young researchers a unique opportunity to contribute to both fields.

CAM’s fellowships enable students to transition seamlessly into company roles after the funding period, ensuring a continuous exchange of ideas.

The recipients of the CAM fellowships will collaborate closely with renowned companies: GMV, IENAI SPACE, and Applied Innovative Methods. These companies recognize the value of academic-industry partnerships and are dedicated to driving innovation in aerospace.

Guiding the doctoral candidates will be esteemed professors Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo and Manuel Fernando Soler, whose mentorship will steer students through the intersection of research and industry application.

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