Triplet of Presentations at the ECATS Conference ’23

The Aircraft Operations made a significant presence at the 4th European Conference for Aviation and the Environment (ECATS), which took place in Delft, Netherlands, from October 24 to 26.

Centered around the conference theme “Making aviation environmentally sustainable”, two of our projects have been represented by three members of our team delivering their presentations.

On behalf of the RefMap project, Fateme Baneshi presented her study on “Scalable Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Strategic Deconfliction of Climate-Optimal Trajectories” and Abolfazl Simorgh presented his research related to “Free-routing climate-friendly flight planning using the GPU-based trajectory optimizer ROOST”.

Raúl Quibén Figueroa also delivered a presentation on Sustainable Aircraft and Propulsion Technology, titled “Multidisciplinary Optimization of H2-Powered Aircraft to Reduce Emissions and Costs“, which was related to the Hydrogenating CM-UC3M project.

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