URJC seminar about sustainable aviation

One of the main challenges in the aerospace sector is achieving a sustainable future for global air traffic. In order to address this issue, a seminar about sustainable aviation was organized by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) on 1 and 2 March. It took place at the Fuenlabrada Campus of URJC (Madrid), and itContinue reading “URJC seminar about sustainable aviation”

The FlyATM4E project, “a SESAR success story”

One of the SESAR Exploratory Research projects in which the Aircraft Operations Lab has participated to address the climate impact of aviation is FlyATM4E. The project studied flight data during different weather scenarios, as well as vertical and horizontal flight paths, to identify climate-optimised aircraft trajectories. The optimisation process showed a potential reduction of non-CO2Continue reading “The FlyATM4E project, “a SESAR success story””

The ATM R&D ’23 Seminar has accepted 2 of our papers

Next June we will be in the United States at the 15th ATM R&D 2023 Seminar! An international event that has been organised every two years since 1997 by the Federal Aviation Administration (USA) and EUROCONTROL (Europe), becoming the top event for ATM researchers. Two of our papers have been accepted by the Committee andContinue reading “The ATM R&D ’23 Seminar has accepted 2 of our papers”

REFMAP kick-off meeting

Today and yesterday we were in Stockholm attending the REFMAP kick-off meeting. It took place at the KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) campus both online and in person. The REFMAP project is coordinated by Ricardo Vinuesa, from The Linné FLOW Centre at KTH and involves 10 other partners from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, SpainContinue reading “REFMAP kick-off meeting”

New publication: “Conflict assessment and resolution of climate-optimal aircraft trajectories at network scale”

The second 2023 research paper within the Air Operations Lab was published by PhD student Fateme Baneshi and explores a way to reduce air traffic conflicts arising from attempts to mitigate the climate impact of aviation.