URJC seminar about sustainable aviation

One of the main challenges in the aerospace sector is achieving a sustainable future for global air traffic. In order to address this issue, a seminar about sustainable aviation was organized by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) on 1 and 2 March. It took place at the Fuenlabrada Campus of URJC (Madrid), and itContinue reading “URJC seminar about sustainable aviation”

#HiloTesis: Promoting scientific dissemination in Twitter

The #HiloTesis competition is an initiative of Crue Universidades EspaƱola in collaboration with RedDivulga. It aims to foster the development of communication and scientific dissemination skills in future or recent PhDs. Among the participants, we find three talented members of the Aircraft Operations Lab, who have taken up the challenge to share their groundbreaking researchContinue reading “#HiloTesis: Promoting scientific dissemination in Twitter”

The UC3M visits Teruel Airport

Last Saturday, March 25, the students of the Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering visited Teruel Airport (Spain). The trip was organised during the Open Day held by the Airport to commemorate the X Anniversary since its opening to air traffic. The Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M attended with the students and we can recognise that theContinue reading “The UC3M visits Teruel Airport”

Aerospace lessons at elementary school

The Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M has carried out a special scientific dissemination activity. On this occasion, it was aimed at children with the objective of promoting interest in the aerospace sector from an early age. To this end, we travelled to the Teresa Berganza Public School in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), where Manuel Soler, theContinue reading “Aerospace lessons at elementary school”

Interview about FlyATM4E at Airspace World

From 7 to 10 March the Airspace World event took place in Geneva. An important meeting for the aviation community where several projects of the Aircraft Operations Lab were showcased. This was the case of the FlyATM4E project, which was also explained in depth in an interview with Manuel Soler: We look forward to attendingContinue reading “Interview about FlyATM4E at Airspace World”