Green light to two new Digital European Sky projects

The Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M is taking part in two of the 48 projects selected by the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking in its Digital European Sky research and innovation programme. Creating a smarter and more sustainable air traffic management in Europe is the objective of this programme. To this end, SESAR 3 JU has selected theContinue reading “Green light to two new Digital European Sky projects”

Fateme Baneshi: the new member of the PHD student team

Her PhD thesis about “Network-wide Robust Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning” falls within the trajectory optimization research line with a clear focus on reducing climate impact. With the supervision of Manuel Fernando Soler Arnedo, Fateme’s thesis aims to help determine more efficient climate-aware aircraft trajectories. In her research, she is working to develop network-wide climateContinue reading “Fateme Baneshi: the new member of the PHD student team”

Welcome to the Aircraft Operations Lab

In this space you will have the opportunity to get to know in depth our research topics, the progress of the ongoing projects and the announcement of new research ventures. We will also post the most recent news about our PHD students and open research positions will be communicated here. If you have any specificContinue reading “Welcome to the Aircraft Operations Lab”