A science outreach show for the European Researchers’ Night 21

On Friday, 24 September 2021, a science outreach show on climate change took place in the Auditorium of the UC3M (Leganés Campus). The show was aimed at secondary schools and consisted of theatrical scenes alternating with talks by UC3M researchers on the impact of various scientific projects regarding the climate and sustainability of the planet. The theatrical proposal was developed with young people from Leganés and university students for the European Researchers’ Night 2021, and received fundings from the Youth Centre of the Leganés City Council.

The researcher from the Aircraft Operations Lab was Manuel Soler, who spoke about climate-optimal aircraft trajectories. Also participating were Anxo Sánchez, from the UC3M Mathematics Department, whose talk was on “Social norms and climate change”; Jesús Gonzalo, from the UC3M Economics Department, with the talk “Climate change: where we are going (if we do nothing to stop it)”; and Antonio Cabrales, from the UC3M Economics Department, who spoke on “Risk, uncertainty and climate emergency”.

Here we show you Manuel’s complete talk in Spanish:

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