Aerospace lessons at elementary school

The Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M has carried out a special scientific dissemination activity. On this occasion, it was aimed at children with the objective of promoting interest in the aerospace sector from an early age.

To this end, we travelled to the Teresa Berganza Public School in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), where Manuel Soler, the group’s main researcher, explained the phases of the moon in an experiential way to the pupils in the first year of elementary school and showed them using a moon phase box.

This really entertaining session was not the only activity made in this school. On four Mondays in March, the Parents’ Association of CEIP Teresa de Berganza organised a series of creative writing workshops in preparation for the story competition to be held on 23 April 2023, Book Day. The Primary workshop was related to their project: the universe, so the stories have had a spatial theme.

We are sure to see many vocations related to aircraft and space in the coming years!

Phases of the moon shown by Manuel Soler in the 1st year of the Teresa Berganza school.

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