The UC3M visits Teruel Airport

Last Saturday, March 25, the students of the Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering visited Teruel Airport (Spain). The trip was organised during the Open Day held by the Airport to commemorate the X Anniversary since its opening to air traffic.

The Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M attended with the students and we can recognise that the event was a success, as it was attended by around 10,000 people interested in the airport facilities. We had the chance to observe the facilities and aerial materials located on the parking platform and inside the A380 double hangar, the two aircraft parked by Tarmac Aragon type A340 and A330, an aircraft engine and large aircraft landing gear. PLD Space collaborated by exhibiting an engine from the MIURA 1, a rocket whose launch into space is scheduled in the coming months. They were also able to see the PEGASO team from the Guardia Civil, an EHANG216 megadron from the National Police, or a reconnaissance drone from the Army, and enjoy watching some flights and maneuvers in the sky over Teruel.

An interesting visit that allowed students to get to know this unique airport that has become an international aeronautical industrial hub.

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