#HiloTesis: Promoting scientific dissemination on Twitter

The #HiloTesis competition is an initiative of Crue Universidades Española in collaboration with RedDivulga. It aims to foster the development of communication and scientific dissemination skills in future or recent PhDs.

Among the participants, we find three talented members of the Aircraft Operations Lab, who have taken up the challenge to share their groundbreaking research in captivating Twitter threads.

Firstly, Fateme Baneshi, a PhD student, tackles the pressing question of how air travel can become more sustainable. In her #HiloTesis thread, uses her PhD expertise to shed light on the environmental impact of the aviation industry and propose possible solutions to mitigate its effects. Have a look!

Another inspiring participant from the Aircraft Operations Lab is Raul Quibén, whose thread focuses on optimizing the environmental benefits of hydrogen-powered aircraft in an engaging way:

Abolfazl Simorgh takes a fun and informative approach to his #HiloTesis thread. His research revolves around the topic of flight planning and its role in mitigating climate change:

The participation of these three PhD students exemplifies the impactful research being conducted in the field of aviation and sustainability. And this competition becomes a medium to communicate complex research findings effectively by using the concise and accessible language of Twitter.

The winner of the #HiloTesis competition will be announced between 1 and 7 June. We can’t wait to find out who the winner is!

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