#HiloTesis: Promoting scientific dissemination in Twitter

The #HiloTesis competition is an initiative of Crue Universidades Española in collaboration with RedDivulga. It aims to foster the development of communication and scientific dissemination skills in future or recent PhDs. Among the participants, we find three talented members of the Aircraft Operations Lab, who have taken up the challenge to share their groundbreaking researchContinue reading “#HiloTesis: Promoting scientific dissemination in Twitter”

Open position: Project Manager – REFMAP

The Aircraft Operations Lab is currently seeking a Scientific Management and Coordination professional to join the REFMAP project team.

The ideal candidate will have experience in managing, justifying, and designing national and international research projects, although profiles with high potential and no experience may also be considered.

YUFE opens two postdoc calls to research on urban opportunities and challenges

In the framework of the YUFE Alliance, two postdoc calls (YUFE4Postdocs) have been launched (April 2023 and October 2023) co-funded by Horizon Europe: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. In total there will be 51 three-year postdoctoral positions distributed among the 9 universities that are part of YUFE. The UC3M offers 3 postdoc positions in each call andContinue reading “YUFE opens two postdoc calls to research on urban opportunities and challenges”

New publication: “Conflict assessment and resolution of climate-optimal aircraft trajectories at network scale”

The second 2023 research paper within the Air Operations Lab was published by PhD student Fateme Baneshi and explores a way to reduce air traffic conflicts arising from attempts to mitigate the climate impact of aviation.