The main objectives of the RefMap project

RefMap is a project funded by the European Union’s HORIZON Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement number 101096698. The project involves the Aircraft Operations Lab of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid as a member of the consortium.

RefMap strives to minimize the environmental impact of air travel for both airlines and Unmanned Aerial Systems by establishing a digital solution that enhances flight paths at both detailed and broad scales. By incorporating environmental information like wind patterns, noise levels, and CO2 and non-CO2 emissions, RefMap’s analytics platform can assist airlines in adopting more environmentally-conscious choices. Consequently, this approach fosters the adoption of stringent, fact-based green policies within the aviation industry and promotes the emergence of novel aviation business models aligned with the European Union’s Green Agenda.

The main goals of these project are the following:

  • Trajectory optimization
  • Flow Patterns Prediction
  • Reduce air travel’s environmental impact
  • Minimise the noise impact on communities and wildlife
  • New aviation business models

Download the leaflet to learn about the details of each objective.

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