Exploring aviation’s climate impacts: ECATS Summer School ’23

In the heartland of Bavaria, Germany, history and innovation converged at the ECATS 2023 Summer School. The Blumenthal Castle served as an inspiration for the attendees, as a former battlefield, to address, this time, the fight against the strongest enemy of all: climate change. A captivating event that took place from September 2-8, 2023 andContinue reading “Exploring aviation’s climate impacts: ECATS Summer School ’23”

Fundación “La Caixa” announces its 2023 Scholarships

Fundación “La Caixa” launches its scholarships for this year, and the Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M encourages young researchers and postgraduate students to use the opportunity to carry out research in one of our research lines: “AI & Aviation” or “Trajectory optimization”.

Scholarships for University Teacher Training and for the completion of PhD thesis in Spanish universities

The Ministry of Universities is calling for FPU doctoral scholarships, and the Agencia Estatal de Investigación offers fellowships for pre-doctoral contracts for the training of doctors.